That's when you get to that point.

A supposition. A brief idea glimpses in your head, and once it's there, it never goes away. It can just lay out somewhere deep and dark, but it won't fade. And the world dresses itself into new colors.

A make-believe. You force yourself, drag yourself into that sinful ocean, though you know you'd be completely fine on the ground. But you want to fall. Need to sink.

An illusion. Just like the sea waves, it comes and goes whenever the moon changes its ways. But it doesn't exist. You can't sense it nor you can touch it. It's an illusion. It's not there. Yet it never leaves you alone.

You're not the same. You're yearning for something unreachable, and yet you've never been so close to satisfaction.

And that's all one simple idea's doing. One supposition.